Flat Roofing with Duro-Last Roofing

Riddell Roofing is a proud representative of Duro-Last Roofs. As a Duro-Last Master Elite Contractor, we have consistently installed high-quality, long-lasting roofs, and we offer our assurance of quality application.

To solve the problem of failing roofs due to poor on-site workmanship, Duro-Last developed custom prefabrication methods and specialized equipment that allows them to complete nearly 100% of the difficult roof details and up to 85% of field seams under ideal factory controlled conditions. The result is lower on-site labor costs and better installation quality.

Duro-Last Roofing Warranty

The 15-year Duro-Last roofing warranty covers repair or replacement, consequential damage, and does not exclude ponding water. Duro-Last roofing warranty upgrades are available. Riddell Roofing typically responds to all Duro-Last roofing warranty claims, even years after the roof has been installed, giving you a local contact for the life of your roof.

Why Duro-Last?

Duro-Last Roofing Products

Prefabricated Duro-Last Roofing Systems:

  • Reduces on-site labor
  • Easier to install in all weather conditions
  • Single-ply roofing reduces waste
  • Durable
  • Energy efficient

Duro-Shield Metal Retrofit Roofing System:

  • Long term solution against weather and climate issues
  • Custom designed to fit your metal roof
  • Energy efficient
  • Resistant to chemicals, fire, and wind
  • Low maintenance

Learn about all of the Duro-Last products

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Flat Roofing with Duro-Last Roofing


Flat Roofing with Duro-Last Roofing | Aledo