Sandburg Mall - Galesburg, Illinois

Sandburg Mall - Galesburg, Illinois

Project Description

Duro-Last 40 mil was installed on the Sandburg Mall. The Duro-Last roof replaced a leaking built-up roof. The customer had previously tried another company/product using a seal coating, but switched to Riddell Roofing/Duro-Last after patching failed.

Riddell Roofing and Duro-Last were chosen because of pricing, quick installation timeframe, and the additional services Riddell Roofing offered including tearing out the wet roof sections.


Duro-Last 40 mil
95,000 sq.ft.

Duro-Last offers:

  • Minimum Disruption To Your Business
  • Installed Year-Round with No Messy Clean-Up
  • Fire Retardant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Wind Resistant
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Leak-Proof
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Inspected By Duro-Last Quality Assurance Specialists
  • Made In America




Over 95,000 sq.ft. of Duro-Last 40 mil was installed on the Sandburg Mall.


Built-up roof with patching prior to Duro-Last installation.


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