Duro-Last in the Banking Industry

Banks represent security. When your money and valuables need safekeeping, you lock them up in the vaults. While in our minds, the safes and locks may be the pinnacle of that image, the building itself plays a huge role. That doesn’t just go for keeping thieves out, but also protecting it from the elements.

Think of the poor impression a dilapidated roof makes. Your clients are entrusting their savings to you. They’re leaving you with items they value more than anything. Your building should inspire just as much confidence as your staff, and your history of reliability. A leaky roof might just inspire someone to walk out and find a new bank.

Riddell Roofing is a trusted bank building roofing contractor for the Quad Cities and surrounding area. We are backed by our years of experience providing roofing services for banks and other financial institutions. We understand that a secure building means nothing without a high-quality roof. That’s why we use the Duro-Last system to make sure your valuables are safe, and the bank can function in its normal day to day operations.

Why Duro-Last?

Part of running a bank means insuring access. If you have to shut down for an extended period of time to get your roof repaired, you’re depriving your account holders of that access. That’s out of the question. Duro-Last understands. That’s why they’ve perfected a system of prefabricating your roof in segments off site. That means the contractors need less time to work on your building, and business interruption is minimized.

company trucks and vanWhy Riddell Roofing?

As mentioned, only certain contractors are deemed worthy of representing Duro-Last. Not only have we met those standards, but we have actually been given the designation of Master Elite Contractor. Finding an approved Duro-Last contractor can be hard. Finding one with our level of expertise is even harder. If you’re already set on having The World’s Best Roof, why settle for a subpar contractor? 

For over 3 decades, Quad Cities area banks and financial institutions have trusted Riddell Roofing with their roofing projects. That’s a proven track record of success that’s earned us a special place in our community. If you want a contractor with a history of quality work, choose Riddell Roofing and Duro-Last.

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