Services for Commercial Low-Slope Roofs

Riddell Roofing is a proud provider of commercial roofing services around Illinois and Iowa. Our team of highly trained contractors offers a range of services for commercial low-slope roofs. We know what works and what doesn’t, using only the highest quality materials and specialized equipment to get the job done right.

Not only do we provide full installation of industrial low-slope roofing systems but consultations, maintenance, and replacements as well. With decades of experience in the industry, our experts know the ins and outs regarding requirements for insulation, membranes, and various materials. Customers can rest assured that, after installation, their new roofing system will last. Trained by Duro-Last and Duro-Last inspectors, our team is composed of reliable, honest contractors who know what they’re doing.

Our services for low-slope roofs involve only the use of trusted products, such as Duro-Last roofing and Bayer coating systems. A benefit of Duro-Last includes the ability for prefabrication. This allows for a customized system with a quick and easy installation. Duro-Last is a name you can trust, and Riddell Roofing is a team you can count on to install their quality products properly.

Riddell Roofing’s team of professionals can offer a full consultation, customizing a plan that meets your demands and utilizing the right materials and proper industrial low-slope roofing systems. After installation, we can assist with any maintenance services, repairs, or replacements when the time comes.

Choosing Riddell Roofing means choosing the most reliable contractors in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. With experienced team members that care about our community and expert roofing services, we can provide exactly what you need. Contact us today to discuss our commercial low-slope roofing installation and various options.

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