The founders of Duro-Last saw a problem in the roofing industry. Regardless of the of the quality of materials, contractors were building sub-par roofs that failed the customer. As manufacturers, they knew this had to stop. Their solution was to prefabricate as much of the roof as possible and use highly specialized equipment to install it.

That’s where their legendary PVC roofing got its start, and that’s exactly why it takes superior contractors to carry out the operation. Their recognizable white roofing systems can be seen across North America. That success is due to high energy efficiency, low labor costs, and ease of installation, assuming a Master Elite Contractor like Riddell Roofing is behind the controls.

Energy Savings

Among the most energy-effecient roofs available.


Since our roofs come prefabricated, you will save 20-30% on labor.

Ease of Installation

Roofs are heat welded, so the seams don't come apart. This means we're able to install in colder temperatures. Less mess, noise, odor and risk to sensitive equipment. 

Business as Usual

Installation does not interrupt your business. There are no fumes and no VOC's.

Custom Roof Lettering

This can be another avenue for advertising.


15 and 20 year warranties available.

Local & Family-Owned

As a family-owned business in Aledo, IL, we are committed to treating people right--even before they are our customers.

Riddell Roofing was founded in 1982 and included roofing and concrete services. In 2000, we put our focus on roofing and serving the Quad Cities area. We specialize in Duro-Last Roofs, commercial roofing, foam roofing, metal roofing, and metal roof restoration. We strive for fast response time to calls and requests (usually within 24 hours) and always have fair pricing and expert installation.

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