Municipal Building Roof Replacement

From courthouses to legislative buildings, government-run properties have to stay open for the public. Installing and repairing a traditional roof generally means closed doors, that's why government buildings all over the Quad Cities and surrounding areas turn to Riddell Roofing.  

With the complications that sometimes go into government work, it’s no wonder that building upkeep often goes neglected. Finding the time to shut down operations is usually unheard of. That presents a huge hurdle for traditional roofing. Yes, there are holidays and weekends, but that’s not always a realistic time frame. If the government building in question sees a huge flow of traffic on a daily basis, replacing or repairing an old roof may seem impossible.

Riddell Roofing provides government roofing services for government and municipal buildings and trusts Duro-Last to make the impossible happen. We pride ourselves on low business interruption and shorter project lengths.

Why Duro-Last?

Duro-Last prefabricates your roof off-site in segments. This innovative process insures three things:

  • They can guarantee that every bit of roofing meets their high standards
  • They have intense quality control from start to finish because they only allow approved contractors to install their product
  • This process lets the contractor finish the project in nearly half the time as a traditional roofer

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Why Riddell Roofing?

Duro-Last only approves highly qualified contractors to install their product. This guarantees that every roof with their name on it lives up to the title of “World’s Best Roof.” At Riddell, not only are we an approved contractor, but we are actually designated as a Master Elite Contractor. You can count on us to meet and surpass the criteria of the Duro-Last brand. 

From government to manufacturing, property owners across the board have trusted Riddell Roofing for over three decades. We service the Quad Cities  and surrounding area with pride. With Riddell Roofing and Duro-Last, you have a winning team with a proven track record. Don’t settle for anything less.

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