Duro-Last in the Education Industry

Education is a pillar of any strong community. However, the upkeep of schools across the Quad Cities and surrounding area is an expensive, time consuming process. Given the time constraints of working around the school year, it’s all the more difficult for typical contractors to properly maintain places of learning. For that reason, the physical buildings often go neglected for years. 

Whether you need repairs done over spring break, or an entirely new roof installed over summer, your deadlines are non-negotiable. Students should not be subjected to loud construction noises, saw dust, and contractors interrupting their lessons. Delayed projects can mean a disastrous start to the school year, or a rough transition into the next semester.

Time after time, schools have turned to Riddell Roofing to meet those time concerns, and time after time, we meet them.

Why Duro-Last?

For years, Duro-Last has been known in the industry as “The World’s Best Roof.” A lot of factors go into helping their roofs surpass the competition. Perhaps none is more important than their prefabrication process. Duro-Last actually constructs your roof in segments off site. This allows them to have strict quality control from start to finish, and it allows approved contractors to get the job done in nearly half the time.

Why Riddell Roofing? 

Since Duro-Last only allows approved contractors to install their roofs, your options are already limited to the best in the field. That can make choosing just one difficult. At Riddell Roofing, we hold the title of Master Elite Contractor from Duro-Last. That means that when you choose Riddell Roofing, you’re not only getting the best roof, but also one of their most trusted contractors. It’s an easy choice. 

When you choose a winning team, you can’t go wrong. Riddell Roofing and Duro-last are that team. We’ve been proud to serve schools in the Quad Cities and surrounding area for over three decades. Our history of excellence has earned the respect of our community, and we’d like to make you part of that history.


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